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Serving Military Families in Metro Detroit: A New Door Has Opened

Serving Military Families in Metro Detroit: A New Door Has Opened

After leaving Atlanta last weekend, I was presented with a tremendous opportunity — one that I didn’t see coming. Honestly, I’m still in awe of where I am standing today!

I opened up a pop-up shop on a Military base outside of Detroit. It is an honor to bring my faith-based clothing line to the men and women who fight for our country and our freedom everyday. I’m grateful to connect with them.

When visiting my stand, I greet them with a smile along with God’s light and love. I want them to know they are appreciated and seen, and I’m grateful for their sacrifice. To show this, I am offering a discount on my apparel for them.

My father served in the army and many of my uncles did, too. I know my dad would be proud of me, if he was here. He always supported me in my endeavors, and he would have been incredibly happy about this step I’ve taken.

In all, I’m grateful and honored. I look forward to what this weekend will bring. I’m here for two days, and honestly, I’m just seeing how it all goes. Of course, I want it to go well. I plan to deliver great customer service, connect with people, and leave the rest in God’s hands. The goal is to make the most of each opportunity.

Well, that’s my update for today. Thank you for checking in. I’ve posted a few more photos below for you to see.

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